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Improvise Over Arpeggios on Bass Guitar

Sean Byrd, breaks down how to improvise over arpeggios, on the bass guitar. This is a free bass lesson you don’t want to miss.

Traditional Gospel Bass

Traditional Gospel Bass Lesson – Breaking down how to play some traditional bass lines in the traditional gospel genre. The best part is it’s FREE!

More Free Bass Guitar Lessons to Come

We’re Baaaaack! Learn more about what GospelBassLines has in store in the near future, more cool “Free” Bass Lesson to Come.

How to Read Bass Tab

Bass tablature, or bass tab, is a system of writing music for the bass players to understand. There are tons of bass tab resources found on the internet. Tab represents the strings of the bass as in the diagram below, which represents a 4 string bass guitar. (Tab can be written in any number of strings, however I think 4 is the most common I have seen on the web.

G —————————-
D —————————-
A —————————-
E —————————-

The Selfless Musician

“Humility: The strange thing is the minute you think you’ve got it, you’ve lost it” -unknown. Is Humble Musician an Oxymoron? All to often I hear musicians complaining about playing in there respective congregations. I have even found myself frustrated in playing along with other musicians, when their style or approach was contrary to my […]