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Sean Byrd: Amazing Grace (Bass)

My version of Amazing Grace played on my Pavel Gibor 5 string. I thank God for his grace! I also used my Boss Loop Station at the end. Blessings

The Selfless Musician

“Humility: The strange thing is the minute you think you’ve got it, you’ve lost it” -unknown. Is Humble Musician an Oxymoron? All to often I hear musicians complaining about playing in there respective congregations. I have even found myself frustrated in playing along with other musicians, when their style or approach was contrary to my […]

Still Frustrated?

Have you ever waited patiently on something to take place in your life, only to receive notice, that it would be delayed? How did it make you feel? Often in our walk as believers we trust in a trustworthy God to deliver a promise in our life only to experience delay in the things we hope for. Almost certainly every believer has had to endure some sort of delay when it comes to our spiritual growth in God.

Common Progressions & Turn-A-Rounds

Developing the ability to hear and play songs, without sheet music or chord charts can be pivotal to many bass players. In this video lesson, Sean Byrd teaches you to identify some common chord progressions, that will enable you to play tons of songs by ear.

Ear Training: Learning Intervals

Ear Training begins with being able to discern, that there are different sounds made by playing different notes on the bass.