Bass Improvisation: Groovin’ Part 2

Dig deeper into the basic techniqes we displayed in part 1. You will successfully learn to establish a groove, and build upon it. This is a preview of an upcoming course on groovin’. It will cover, riffs, licks, improvisation, groovin’ and much more.

Keywords: Bass Guitar, Gospel Music, Chord Progression, Groove, Grooving, Adlibs, Improvisation, Soloing, Patterns, Connecting.


Bass Guitar: Shout Breakdown

Shout Music Breakdown, Chord Progressions, Preacher Chords. Gospel Bass Lines is deriving a course for those who want to be able to successfully maneuver the fretboard during Praise Breaks during Church Service.

Bass Guitar TV: Common Progressions and Turn Arounds

Bass Guitar TV: Hearing and using common progressions & turn-a-rounds in songs, is an essential part of ear training for bass musicians. This guide will give you the tools necessary to play songs bye ear.


Keywords: Ear Training, Progressions Common, Improvisation, Bass Guitar, Gospel, Sean Byrd


Find the Key to a Song

Bass Guitar, Tips for finding the key signature of a song, when the root note is not being played.

Keywords: Key signature, finding the key, bass guitar, gospel video tutorials, instruction, chords progressions, play by ear, learn, lessons, Sean Byrd, How to Play.

The Selfless Musician

“Humility: The strange thing is the minute you think you’ve got it, you’ve lost it” -unknown. Is Humble Musician an Oxymoron? All to often I hear musicians complaining about playing in there respective congregations. I have even found myself frustrated in playing along with other musicians, when their style or approach was contrary to my […]