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Common Progressions & Turn-A-Rounds

Developing the ability to hear and play songs, without sheet music or chord charts can be pivotal to many bass players. In this video lesson, Sean Byrd teaches you to identify some common chord progressions, that will enable you to play tons of songs by ear.

Young Gun Loaded with Talent

20 year old phenominal Bassist, Al Kelly has wowed online subscribers with his ability to play, while not speaking a single word. Bass Players all over the world have watched and wondered who is this guy. Well Al, has graciously agreed to speak with GospelBassLines.com.

Bassic Black

Bassic Black

Dale Black is a very talented bassist from Wichita Kansas, heavily influenced by jazz sounds he has been playing the bass for many years. Dale believes in the power of music, and utilizes his gifting to inspire those who will listen. I fell in love with his sound from various internet videos, check out his myspace page, and youtube clicks, and you will soon see why. I contacted Dale, and immediately his humility and willingness to share with the Gospel Bass Community was evident.